High-speed mobile Counter Surveillance System Radiomonitoring & searching of eavesdropping devices

  • 0.1 MHz - 21 GHz
  • Mobility, Low weight
  • Definition sources signal location
  • Method of amplitude-spatial selection
  • Database
  • Parallel operation
  • Built-in analyzer
  • Unique feature intrusion detection via GSM
  • Fully distant work
  • Work without operator's presence
  • Integration with other systems
  • Flexible monitoring of staff
  • Work without additional software

Main Purpose

Search of eavesdropping devices

It is intended to determine the presence in the protected area of embedded devices (bugs) is used for transmission of intercepted information airwaves, ISM range, wired communications and power networks.

Assembled in a suitcase Peli 1490 and is used for carrying out radio monitoring and special-checks. A key feature of the complex is the accumulation in the base of an unlimited number of data (limited only by the size of memory disks) results of radio environment measurement. With the accumulation of these complex works off-line, performing a task supplied by the operator or by selecting them from the proposed tasks. The operator carries out the analysis of accumulated results, while the operator is offered a wide range of monitoring tools.

In an analysis of the complex continues to work on the collection of data, i.e., scanning does not stop. When a suspicious signal the operator has the ability to trace the history of the frequency at which the signal is detected, ranging from the installation of the complex.

Search of eavesdropping devices

that uses airwaves, ISM bands standard, wired communications and power networks for transmission of intercepted information

High mobility
Complex performs a high-speed scanning and digital processing of radio signals collects, stores, processes and displays panoramas spectra information about the values of the signal levels at each frequency point, and the results of the processing of this information for each of the selected setting in the antenna.
Low weight
Provided spectral imaging panoramas and comparative tables of signals. For different tasks it is possible to view these panoramas at different scales and modes on the selected antenna or group of antennas. Analysis and comparison of the signals received by the antenna system located in a certain way within the protected object, provides the operator with ample opportunities to perform the tasks of detection of embedded devices.
Signal source locations search
It is possible to finding location of signals. Also has a display mode found radiation sources in terms of space and location in real-time display of their characteristics.



Parameter Value
Frequency range 0.1 - 6000 (21000) MHz
Step receiver tuning during scanning 6 MHz
The spectral resolution for monitoring 12.5 kHz
The spectral resolution in the analysis kHz 12.5; 25; 50; 100; 200; 400
Visualization of spectral panoramas (min) Instantaneous / Max / 2D & 3D-array
Time continuous accumulation in monitor mode 30 days
The scanning speed Up to 1500 MHz/sec
The number of antenna inputs 8
The number of wired inputs (including mains) 1 (optional)
The range of studies wired and power lines 0 - 30 MHz
The dynamic range of at least 84 dB
Sensitivity is not worse 2.0 uV
Detection algorithms of "dangerous" signals Spatial but-amplitude selection; analysis of the presence of harmonics; Auditory feedback for detection of AM/FM eavesdropping devices; Spectrum shape analysis of sources with WI-Fi (a. b/g. n); Zigbee; BlueTooth and GSM activity;
Direction finding 800-6000 MHz frequency range ± 5° (Subject to the application of special antenna / mounted on the roof)
Built-in generator Not provided
Dimensions 494x354x119 mm
The weight 7 kg