RG 4 Drone & Quadrocopter Portable Jammer with Directional Antennas

RG 4

Drone & Quadrocopter Portable Jammer with Directional Antennas

  • Suppression radius up to 1.0 Km
  • Continuous operation time up to 60 minutes
  • Supply kit options with Collimator sight & Tripod mount
  • 3 or 6-way suppression supply kit options
  • 3-way total RF-power is 60 W
  • 6-way total RF-power is 150 W

Expert conclusion by the results of field trial

-The height was 20-25 m, the distance is about 200 m... GPS gone at once, then video was partially lost. While the copter were exactly at gunpoint, we were totaly losing all of the telemetry! At the same time, while the copter was within sight, somehow I managed to holding it, despite to console display with no any incoming data. But several times the control was totaly lost: no video, no control, no GPS operation was completely impossible!

Drone & Quadrocopter Jammer

The device is neutralize UAVs (drones) by suppressing their remote and built-in navigation control, while blocking the transfer any information to the control panel

Multiway impact
Directional antennas the "wave channel" type are mounted on a special rifle-like holder with the Picatinny rail and connected to the main unit with RF-cables.
Protected mobility
The knapsack is provides the convenience of using by only one operator. Inside there are pockets for all device accessories. It's integrated with the cooling system and protects from water and dirt.
For the operator's convenience a collimator sight able to install on the holder. This will significantly improve the accuracy of aiming at the target.



Main specifications

Parameter Value
Antennas type Directional
Wi-Fi 2.4-2.5 GHz Remote control & Video 40 W
GPS L1 & Glonass 1575-620 MHz Navigation 40 W
GPS L2 1227 MHz Navigation 20 W
Radio 860-950 MHz Remote control 25 W
Radio 400-470 MHz Remote control 20 W
5.8G 5.5-5.9 MHz Remote control & Video 15 W
3 Way system Total RF-power 60 W
6 Way system Total RF-power 150 W
Electromagnetic field strength 9.7 V/m

Technical options

Parameter Value
Suppression radius: Up to 1.0 Km
Cooling system: Build-in Radiator
Continuous operating time: Up to 60 minutes
Battery charger: AC 100-240V/DC 24-27V 50/60Hz
Energy consumption 380W
Battery dimensions: 220х120х200 mm
3 Modules system weight 6.0 kg
6 Modules system weight 7.5 kg

Delivery set

Subject Qty
Main unit 1 pc.
Battery charger 1 pc.
Cable 1 pc.
Сarrying bag 1 pc.
Collimator sight Optional
Tripod mount Optional
User manual 1 pc.