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Sweep operation, during anti-terrorist operations and carrying out special checks

  • 0.1 MHz - 21 GHz
  • Mobility, Low weight
  • Definition sources signal location
  • Method of amplitude-spatial selection
  • Database
  • Parallel operation
  • Built-in analyzer
  • Unique feature intrusion detection via GSM
  • Fully distant work
  • Work without operator's presence
  • Integration with other systems
  • Flexible monitoring of staff
  • Work without additional software

Device Features

Identifying active tactical system INTERCEPTION calls and messages transmitted on the GSM networks

is done by CID collection from each BTS  which is available in the area including the LAC, power received from BTS signals the transition criteria and other parameters. All parameters are open and do not contain any information about the content of conversations.

The working process of the system is not interfering with the work COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS.

By analyzing the received parameters it is concluded if the data are characteristic parameters for normal operation of network parameters in GSM or GSM network in the area have abnormalities characteristic of interference in their active working interception complexes.

LOCATION OF GSM INTERCEPTION by specifying ranges of up to approximately THEM

GSM INTERSCANER also contains the necessary hardware and software sniffers that are configured to collect and analyze data to other communication standards.


GSM INTERSCANER is set MPCIE modules that implement the corresponding function. The modules are inserted into corresponding seats shockproof and waterproof Panasonic CF-U1 computer body is made from magnesium and well protected.


All antennas of GSM interScaner are built in. All scan results are recorded on HDD, enabling their subsequent analysis. For ISM means determine whether there is a package, a package held a record in a file for further analysis.


The duration of battery life until 10 hours. Guaranteed distance determination interception complex up to 800 m. Measure distance to the intercept complexes. Provides monitoring of the rest digital channels.