CRYPTalk - VOIP, Text, Files communication system with hardware cipher core of network traffic

VOIP, Text, Files communication system with hardware cipher core of network traffic

  • The system provides communication of subscribers through the own server in VOIP and text mode, also provides encrypted file transfer.
  • Impossibility of hacking, third-party decryption or listening.
  • The main communication server is located on your side and even we, the developers, can’t intrude to your CRYPTalk system.
  • CRYPTALL - the unique encryption algorithm developed by CONUS Research company on the basis of undisclosed ciphers, absolutely excludes hacking from the network environment.
  • System secureness and its personal configuration for each individual client, excludes the possibility of appearance, even in the distant future, of any available hacking or listening mechanisms.


High secure communication

CRYPTalk - secure VoIP-communicator, Instant Messenger, File Transfer completely protected and isolated from external intrusions.

CRYPTalk it's hardware-software secure communication system based on algorithm of indirect encryption, which belongs to a class of undisclosed cyphers. CRYPTalk consist of main server hardware unit and software clients, which may to be installed on any device with Windows or Linux OS.


Indirect encryption advantages

Indirect algorithm encryption

According to this algorithm, the input data is processed cyclically and each iteration consists of two phases:

  • Data encryption and decryption
  • Rearrange the basic vector

Each vector is subjected to a series of independent permutations using the one-time pad. Base vector is constantly replaced by the new key from the container and re-used. For preparation of the base vector to the decryption process on the receiving side the opposite occurs reshuffle. Special software modules are integrated into the network stack and OS intercept network traffic in accordance with the desired settings. Procedure for capture and traffic encryption occurs independently from and transparent to the user of another software.

Several schemes can be used to synchronize the key:

  • Start encryption with pre-shared key
  • Reconciliation key for data transmission
  • As a key performs offset number for the key container that has nothing to do with the contents of the container-key
Algotiyhm of indirect encryption CONUS Research

Encryption Algorithm Advantages

Media and data transfered between only two ports

  • The algorithm belongs to the class is not disclosed;
  • Special key container (one-time pad) is used as a key;
  • The key is generated by a special device that generates a random sequence, which is based on physical processes;
  • The key is used only once;
  • Knowledge of encrypted information does not allow to predict the following key sequence;


Session Initiation Protocol (SIP): RFC 3261
Session Description Protocol (SDP): RFC 4566
IPv6 Mode: Dual Stack / IPv6 only
Authentication Digest: Yes
Text messaging: Yes
Capture and playback: ALSA / PulseAudio / WaveApi / WASAPI
Media Transfer Protocol: RFC 3550 / RFC 4961 / Symmetric RTP
Volume control: AGC (Automatic Gain Control)
Protocols: Secure Real Time Transport Protocol (SRTP) / RFC 3711 / ZRTP / RFC 6189
Algorithm: Indirect encryption based on unclosed ciphers (CONUS Research development) / Does not depend on server settings
Supported OS: Linux / Windows (7/8/10/Server 2008)
Architecture: x86-64 / ARM (v5/v7/64)
Network: Wi-Fi / Ethernet