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Founded in 2007 in Kiev, Ukraine, our company produces the equipment for security and military purposes. Also we offer wide range of services for development and adaptation of various systems. We are the team of engineers, designers, it-specialists and technicians gathered together to create a smart electronic solutions that helps to make our life safer. We provide lifetime technical service support for all of our products. Let's proceed to the mutually beneficial cooperation!

RG 4

Drone & Quadrocopter Portable Jammer with Directional Antennas

The device is neutralize UAVs (Drones) by suppressing their remote and built-in navigation control, while blocking the transfer of any information to the control panel
Drone detection and blocking steady-state systems


Drone detection and blocking steady-state system

Systems to protect confidential information and counter drone attacks
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Portable set of suppression system the radio emission of radio detonators

The complex system BARRIER 3.0 120W is provides the suppression of communication channels CDMA 800 + 4G, GSM, DCS, 3G, VHF, UHF, WIFI, and a very specific range at 20-60 MHz from the control panels, which is mandatory for complexes of this class to suppress radio-controlled explosive devices.


Modern case-holster for super-fast taking-out of weapons and handy protection build-in armored shield

Masking of a case-holster is performed as the male elegant vertical portfolio out of expensive natural leather of high quality European manufacturers. This provides a solid appearance, which does not discord with the free uniform and a strict dress code.


System of defence offices from eavesdropping devices

It doesn’t make noise at all and has no fan. Designed in a rugged case


VOIP, text, files communication system with hardware cipher core of network traffic

Secure voip-communicator, instant messenger, file transfer completely protected and isolated from external intrusions


High-Speed Mobile Counter Surveillance System Radiomonitoring & searching of eavesdropping devices

Search of eavesdropping devices that uses airwaves, ISM bands standard, wired communications and power networks for transmission of intercepted information


powered by PANASONIC

Sweep operation, during anti-terrorist operations and carrying out special checks

GSM interSCANER is intended for operational and search activities, during anti-terrorist operations and special inspections


Antenna registration system of radio communications

Receiving part-octonary system range 134-174 MHz and 400-520 MHz


Galvanic isolation device for electric lines

Designed to block all incoming and outgoing from the premises electrical circuits by their switching off or redirection, at the time of the secret negotiations


Point-to-point Network traffic cypher

Information protection based on undisclosed algorithms offered in CRYPTOX III communication security system is based on an algorithm of indirect encryption, which belongs to a class of undisclosed algorithms